Krenare Rugova is one of the prominent brand names in modern fashion industry in Kosovo. Krenare Rugova, fashion designer born in Prishtina, received her fashion education at the world famous Parsons School of Design in New York. During her studies she gained professional knowledge of the fashion industry and showcased her creations in numerous fashion events. Krenare spent one year in France at the Parson School of Design in Paris where she won the Silver Thumb Award as an acknowledgment for her talent and hard work. After completing her education, Krenare embarked on her dream to contribute to and shape the Kosovo fashion culture and opened her first atelier in Pristina in 2003 under the label ”KR”.
Through her numerous collections over the past years, Krenare has managed to develop a unique style and brand that has been warmly received by the Kosovar public and enjoys excellent reputation among her loyal customers in Kosovo. In addition, KrenareRugova has gained international recognition as well. European designer stores have shown great interest and support by presenting KrenareRugova garments in their stores.


The conception of Krenare Rugova is to offer trendy, functional, comfortable clothing inspired by many fields of arts. The ultimate goal is to create coherent and unified design, quality and brand image in each piece of clothing. Designers color palette focus on natural colors always-in combination with contrast bright colors and embellished with detail such as hand and machine embroidery, beading, graphics and prints.
Krenare Rugova's garments express the blends of inspiration from New York and Paris cultures (where she studied) and minor details of traditional Albanian culture. Her insights for clothing also come from various cultural fields such as architecture and nature. The unexpected cut of her design show the fusion of natural and architectural forms that bring out new shapes and taste.


Krenare lived in the U.S and Paris for eight years, where she completed her education, gained experience and acquired knowledge about fashion industry and respectively the underlying managerial skills necessary to manage businesses in the given field. After completing her education, Krenare returned to Kosovo with the goal of revitalizing the underdeveloped local apparel industry and promoting new values of fashion and style through her personal brand.
The company was established in 2003 and the clientele is mainly women that enjoy elegance and appreciate high quality designs. Krenare has managed to build a distinguished brand and gain customer loyalty. Major keys for her success were her education, innovation, creativity and passion for fashion & art.
In addition to her work with the KR brand, Krenare Rugova has been actively involved in various other fashion related activities. She was as a assistant at the fashion design school ”Design Factory”. KR designed the ”Ceremonial Guard Uniforms” (Kosova Security Force) for government protocols & presidential special events. Concept and design uniforms for the judges for Constitutional Court of Kosova. Uniforms for the Postman ”PTK” of Kosova. Student uniforms for the American High School of Kosova. Costume designer for the award winning movie ”KUKUMI”, by known film maker Isa Qosja a Kosovo-Croatian production. Dressed Arta Dobroshi nominated for best actress with the ”Lorna’s Silence” movie by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne at the Palm d'Or nominee for the Cannes Film festival. Dressed known actress Ilire Vinca at Berlinare Film Festival for the prize winner movie "The Forgiveness Of Blood” Silver Bear for Best Script. Designing for the Kosovar Music Icon Nexhmije Pagarusha and many famous and young figures in culture art and music. As well a supporter of PRIFILM FEST - Prishtina Film Festival designing the outfits for the hostess and the presenter for the opening and closing nights. KR (in the end of year university final project presentation) FRANCE, Paris is a Recipient of Silver Thimble Award. Fashion show under Parsons School of Design in New York also second Fashion Show with three university colleagues at Brooklyn Arena, NYC. ”Argjiro” fashion event and glamorous fashion show in Kosovo. Growth of the KrenareRugova brand has caught the attention of the media both locally and internationally. The brand has been showcased in several media such as CNN, EuroNews, Arte-Frances, FoxNews, CBS, Deutsche-Welle, ZDF, New York Times, Herald-Tribunal, Associate Press, B92-Belegrade as well as local publications and stations such as RTK, KTV, TV21, KLANKosova, DigitAlb, Koha Ditore Express, Teuta and UrbanFm.